Starting a Writing Business


Starting a writing business takes some planning. There are many ways to go about starting a business, and it’s hard to say what is the “right” path to take. I’ve only been fumbling my way into the business world for a few months now, and am learning what works and what doesn’t. Every day presents new lessons in marketing, accounting, and business decisions.

In some ways it very easy to start a business. You basically only have to call yourself a business to be a business (I’m talking of being a sole proprietor of a writing business, other types of business take paperwork and state approval, according to what business you are going into, doing research is a great start). As you go along it gets a bit more complicated. Take it bit by bit, chunk by chunk, and it is less overwhelming.

As a sole proprietor, it’s liberating to be the one making all the decisions, no one to answer to, pay is based on performance and not on an hourly rate, and other benefits, you mark your own path . . . however, your success and failures do fall solely on your shoulders. There is no one to get you out of bed, to light that fire beneath you, or to tell you to not procrastinate. You make all decisions on your own (indecisive ones beware!) It’s all on you. And that can be a lot to take on. Not for the faint hearted!

For me, the things I hold to — my education in writing and business, my passion for writing, my optimistic attitude, and never giving up no matter what.

What motivates you to keep on keeping on?


Quitting Your Day Job


I recently quit my day job. Not only does my income take a blow, I become a full-time mom of a three year old and have added more stress on my household. Without my job I lose a sense of who I am. How working customer service became to define me, I can’t tell you. But I became aimless and lost without it. Nearing hopelessness.

I survive the dark times by reminding myself I left my job for a reason. The ultimate reason. I have PASSION. I am passionate about writing and have always been. Nothing in my career life has come close to writing, nothing has been quite a satisfying.

At 27 years old I take the step into the writing world. I become a REAL writer, because I chose to. I am not blindly jumping, I have years of writing experience, years of studying the publishing industry, reading writing blogs, taking classes in both business and writing. I am a newbie, but I won’t always be.

To all out there with a passion: There are some who have hobbies and others who make a living doing what they love. Which do you choose?