Marketing and Being True to Yourself


I’m talking COLOR SCHEME. For my writing business, I’m currently working on business cards, flyers, and website design, all with a similar design. The main goal is to be eye-catching and  reach my target audience. I found a design for my business cards that had a bit of floral with a color scheme of brown and tans. If you know me, that’s anything but Megan. But I thought it would work.

Lo and behold, in the small town I live in, another small business was using the same design! Maybe in the whole scheme of things it really didn’t matter. But for me, it did. Now, I am an artist, but I can be modest enough to know that someone else might do a better job than myself. After all, I needed to focus on my business and marketing. Pay someone else!

My website designer started presenting me with different designs. They were okay, but nothing spectacular. Personally, I am a huge fan of pink, sparkly things. I shied away from that because I didn’t want to appear too feminine and childish, thus turning potential clients away. The next design the designer came up with was just right — old-time feeling, scrapbooky, and had pink in it. It might still have a feminine appeal to it, but I am a lady and why not have something I love represent who I am.

I felt like my website designer knew something I didn’t. He read me and produced a product that was what I wanted that truly resonates with who I am. Now if that isn’t customer satisfaction, then I don’t know what is! I will just have to see if the world loves it to?

What are your thoughts on color scheme and design? Is it important to sales? And, could it potentially harm sales if picking the wrong one?


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