Finding Bravery


Bravery is a funny thing. It means different things for people, and holds different weights too. For some, it means going to work every day, putting food on the table, raising a family, or even getting out of bed every morning to trudge through the day.

I recently picked up jogging outdoors. I love jogging and it’s health benefits. But what I love most is what I’m capable of doing. I tell myself to keep going, to keep pressing on, to not give up. And it rolls over into my daily life. I’ve began a mantra of “Keep Going, Never Give Up.” I see people who have made it, and they didn’t give up. Sure, they were pushed down, told they could never make it, never amount to anything, and then they became some of our greatest people in history. People who really did something in life, they did not give up. They overcame those obstacles and reached the final goals.

In those times that I find an inkling of hopelessness, a frustration, a battle I’m losing, an unfortunate happening, I remind myself I cannot give up. Things pass. Nothing remains the same. And a great deal of positive perspective helps. It’s easy to be unhappy in life, career, and relationships, but why be miserable? Take those life challenges and shine because of them!



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