A Writing Routine


Writing is wonderful and amazing sometimes. Other times it’s difficult to write anything. The past couple days, I can barely put a pen to paper. I make every excuse I can to avoid my WIP, my new writing business, and my blog. I started the blog to build something, but to also have a daily routine. And as most new things for me, it’s fresh and exciting at first, but then tedious and I easily fall out of my commitment. I want to stop the bad habits I’ve created for myself and stick to my writing ambitions and dreams.

Hoping tomorrow will be better.

How do you stay on task with your writing routine?


One thought on “A Writing Routine

  1. Susan Dennard has a great series on her blog about writing, routine, and productivity. It is super helpful and I think I might give this a try when creating my writing routine (which I have been slacking with until recently).

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