Do you ever really stop learning?


A realization I’ve had of late is how much there is that I don’t know. I’m a new blogger and there’s a ton to learn. I’m starting a writing business–a big bit to chew off all at once. I have a website that I have no idea how to draw traffic. All the while I have my creative writing that grows as I learn.

Is there a point in which you arrive? Is there an “Aha!” moment where you just know you made it and aren’t lost in the cloudy uncertainty of learning new things?

It feels like the world and technology keep pressing forward and if you don’t keep up, you get left behind. Maybe you never really arrive at knowing all you need to know. It just might be a good thing.

I had a beloved high school English teacher, long retired now, tell me that at 70 some years old, she was still learning the craft of writing. I believe she was a poet. Her words stayed with me.

You might not come to a wondrous moment where you know all you need to know, but there might be a point where you know enough to be comfortable, maybe to even have a bit of confidence.

What do you think? At what point do you say; enough is enough, I know all I need to know? Or at least, all I need to know to have some confidence?


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