Alone? Scared? Don’t be!


In writing, it’s easy to hide away and lose yourself in your make-believe world. A lot of time must be spent deep in thought. I had a previous post talking about how difficult it is to venture out and join the writing community. I would like to dedicate this post to the positive reasons in stepping out and taking those chances.

The first is the feedback from fellow writers and readers. When you get stuck, you can ask people what they think, how they might suggest going forward, and advice on your work in general. They can help support you and encourage your writing. It’s also great to provide that same feedback to others, thus building a writing community.

The second reason for putting yourself out there: if you are a writer seeking publication, then your work will eventually see the light of day. By sharing it with a critique group or partner, you are taking steps to showing the world what you wrote! And that’s pretty exciting. Scary too. It prepares you for the big leagues of publishing.

Finally, it’s wonderful to have camaraderie in the writing community. It’s so beneficial to discuss writing with someone who’s eyes don’t roll in the back of their head. To chat about actual publishing, plot points, and what they think about so and so characters. For the fear I had in joining social media, I’ve met some pretty cool people who keep me motivated, who have great advice to give, and we aren’t alone in our writing.

Thank you all writers out there and keep writing! A special thanks to Amanda over at Amanda’s Nose in a Book.


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