Stuck in Editing Mode


I spend more time editing and revising than anything else. Only recently have I begun to actually write forward in my story. Actually putting pen to paper and writing NEW stuff. It’s been so long, I forgot how hard it is to actually come up with new things. At first I thought my flow was great! But two chapters in, I started having my doubts. What if I was going the wrong way? What if all what I’d written was trash? What if I lost my writing skills because all I’ve done is edit for last couple years?

I had to take a step back and look at my story as a whole. Plot my way through some of the story lines and how the characters actually fit into the story. I had to work at it. And now my flow is back and I’m determined to finish the novel.

It is hard to not go back and edit now. I want to. I’ve made changes to the plot and should fix them! But, I’m afraid I’ll lose my steam. I must go forward in the story.

In a sense, this is Nanowrimo. Getting the story down quickly. Go back and edit later.

Do you get stuck in Edit Mode?


3 thoughts on “Stuck in Editing Mode

  1. Keep going forward. You’re doing great!

    It is very hard to not go back and edit (one of the reasons why I do NaNoWriMo is that it forces you to break that habit). You have a good handle on your characters and what motivates them, so going back to edit (unless it is completely integral to the story) slows you down. Sometimes even if it is a central story thing, it’s best to write it and insert it as a comment, or add it in your notes of things you want to change later on.

  2. I think you’re making the right choice in going forward in your story and not taking the time to edit just yet. Go with the momentum! I figure that, if the momentum is there, you’ve got to take advantage of it, since it may slow down. There are times I get stuck in Editing Mode, and it can be slow going, but I know I need to slog through it. The story will be better for it, since it will polish the rough draft.

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