Conducting Marketing Research on Amazon


This week I’m going to talk about how I am doing research on what makes a successful novel, in my opinion, by looking at what works and what doesn’t. Also, taking an overall view of my approach to novel writing and getting published in today’s market. It’s my way of procrastinating on my WIP, but gaining as a writer as a whole.

I conduct marketing research on Amazon. I have a smartphone with a Kindle app so it is convenient and easy for me to grab books off Amazon and read them on my phone.

Before I go further on this subject, a truth must be told: I’m a terrible reader. I’m very picky and if a “rule” is broken, I’m done. I rarely get through an entire book. I’ll set them down halfway through if I lose interest. I barely get through page one of most books.

Four purposes of marketing research, my new rule is to give a book one chapter. If I’m not captured by then, I set the book down and move on. Also, I analyze why I stopped reading the book and not make those mistakes myself.

Why I can’t finish a book and am super picky? Because I’m a busy momma and writer with minimal free time in my day, and a book I read better be worth it! So I’m ruthless. The reasons I throw aside a book might not be valid for other readers. To each their own, I say!

My research is done by grabbing the FREE books off of Amazon and giving them their one chapter. I also look at their book dedications, promotional tactics, subject matter, and writing style. One could do this at your library too. It’s an inexpensive way to gather info on the current market. I don’t know what will come of my research, but I’m taking note.

What makes you set a book aside? Have you conducted marketing research and what approach did you take?


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