Getting back into reading


Recently, I ran across old photos of my childhood and many have me curled up with a book. I went through a long spell of not reading, years actually. It’s not that I didn’t try to read! I’ve mentioned this in a post before, that I would read a few pages, the book not catch me, and then I close the book and move on. No need to waste time.

So, I’ve narrowed it down to reading only best seller list books. And the results? I’m actually avidly reading again and finishing books. I’m jumping on the bandwagon with everyone else, but with reason! These books are successful, and have widespread success at that. Meaning to me, they are captivating enough for me to not set the book down after a few pages. Thou shalt not bore, right?

I’m excited to read again.

An insight to what I read, the Divergent series, Gone Girl, and picking up The Maze Runner.

How are you with reading? Do you read often? And what do you read?


2 thoughts on “Getting back into reading

  1. I read EVERYTHING! I try and make it a mission to finish every book I pick up, no matter how long it takes me, because even if it takes me ages I sometimes find I actually like the book! (Like Pride and Prejudice – it took me just over three months, but I love it.) I love bestsellers and unknown gems equally, though.

    • Megan Sutherland

      I wonder if my attention span just isn’t there. All of my friends who actually read, all are like you! They soak up books of all kinds so much. I really struggle with reading, and I’m supposed to be a writer!
      Thanks for your input.

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