Frequencies Movie Review


“Frequencies” (2013) was pretty weird. I tried to figure out what was going on for a good portion of the movie, and then wasn’t satisfied with the way it came to an end. It was an interesting concept to have people judged on their “frequencies” (I think they are like I.Q.s), but the plot twists were confusing.

From a writer’s perspective and a reader, confusing the audience isn’t the way to capture them. I do enjoy romance, and true love rules all, but even the twists within the romance were unsatisfying.

Though a short review, that’s all I have on this movie.

Did you come across this movie? What did you think? Did you like it?


Jurassic World


I watched Jurassic World over the weekend and here is my review of it, from a writer’s point of view (and of course from a movie lover’s POV).

Firstly, this movie stayed true to the prior movies in two ways.

One, similar plot line, especially to Jurassic Park, the first movie: People with great ambitions for their park, meddling with nature, and nature literally bites back.

The second thing, it paid tribute to the previous movies, by showing a reminiscent scene of the old “Jurassic Park.” I’m easily moved by movies, and this was spot on for me to pull at the heartstrings.

The technology was cool. I heard the cgi might be too evident. I really didn’t see it. And WOW the improvements from puppets to cgi was excellent. Aside from cgi, the ball rolling contraption was neat. I want one.

From a writer’s perspective, this movie had it all from a predictable plot progression to a little romance, humor, and the ending tied up nicely. Overall, I was very impressed and will add this to my top movies list.

Did you see the movie? What did you think?

Creativity: is it in you?


Lately, my past has been creeping up on me, in the form of pictures, newspaper articles, and other tidbits of memorabilia. It isn’t the “bad” parts of my past, but all the good. I’m reading books in the pictures, writing, being artistic, and just plain being creative. I even won some contests, which is awesome because I haven’t won anything in years.

I’ve been having a quarter-life crisis of wondering who am I? I think these memories of my childhood are telling me something! That I am creative. I’ve always been. And I’ll continue to be. And in this I feel hope. A large piece of my life puzzle is found!

What about you? Do you have creativity as your driving force in life? Or something else you would like to share?