Why You Should Let Someone Else Read Your Precious.


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Where Did All The Time Go?


I remember I had a lot of time when I was younger. The hours I spent pinning pictures up on my walls, organizing and typing out every song on my CD’s, writing fantasy stories, or just chatting on the phone for hours with my girl friends.

Today, I look at my three-year-old. He has zero responsibility and no worries aside from playing and eating. He did have to learn everything a kid needs to learn. I’ll give him that.

I used to have time. Not anymore.

Today, my life is packed with responsibility. A mother and housekeeper’s duties, a writer, a member of a writers group, a girlfriend, a friend, a budding business owner, a blogger, a reader, and a worker just trying to meet the bills. No wonder it’s hard to find the time to breathe! Even in the down times, I feel unproductive and lazy. I should be marketing, researching on the Internet, or writing on my WIP, and the list goes on.

My time is filled with everything I have to do and things I love to do. But I do feel overwhelmed by it all, and find myself immobilized by stress. Maybe a perspective shift is in order? Or a better priorities list?

What helps you juggle all the responsibilities of life? How do you manage your time?

A Turning Point in My Blog?


I’ve blogged for only a couple of weeks and I’m finding it difficult to find where I fit. I know I’m not a teacher or an editor. I’ve only just dabbled in the publishing world and the business world. In my own writing, I have to rework my writing constantly. So I find it tough to blog that I know what I’m talking about.

So who am I? What do I know enough about to blog 5+ times a week? I know about the struggles of life and child rearing. I know my wayward experience. I might not be teaching anyone from my own experiences, but maybe someone might read it and feel they aren’t alone. Maybe I can share who I am and connect with people? I’ll spend the weekend thinking and come up with a shiny new post next week.

A Writing Routine


Writing is wonderful and amazing sometimes. Other times it’s difficult to write anything. The past couple days, I can barely put a pen to paper. I make every excuse I can to avoid my WIP, my new writing business, and my blog. I started the blog to build something, but to also have a daily routine. And as most new things for me, it’s fresh and exciting at first, but then tedious and I easily fall out of my commitment. I want to stop the bad habits I’ve created for myself and stick to my writing ambitions and dreams.

Hoping tomorrow will be better.

How do you stay on task with your writing routine?

Inspirations from Movies


I watch movies for more than just the entertainment value, I watch to see how characters grow, stories unfold, and to be inspired. Books do much the same, but it is hard to find the time to read an entire book (I still read, just go through movies a lot quicker).

I’ve been caught up in dystopian stories of late, just as many are. Two stand out for me: The Hunger Games and Divergent. Both brought out great emotion in me. I was so involved with the characters that I could feel their cry out for revolution. These characters stood up and said, “No more!” I think it’s incredibly powerful to stand up for what’s right, to stare injustice in the face, pretty much to be brave. It takes a lot of courage to do these things. It’s very admirable.

The point is these writers, story tellers, and directors have found a way to reach their audience, to move them, and to create large sales. I find it important to study the greats, and today’s best sellers, box office hits etc. to see what works and to learn how to create an effective story. I hope to move my audience with my characters and their struggles.

Quitting Your Day Job


I recently quit my day job. Not only does my income take a blow, I become a full-time mom of a three year old and have added more stress on my household. Without my job I lose a sense of who I am. How working customer service became to define me, I can’t tell you. But I became aimless and lost without it. Nearing hopelessness.

I survive the dark times by reminding myself I left my job for a reason. The ultimate reason. I have PASSION. I am passionate about writing and have always been. Nothing in my career life has come close to writing, nothing has been quite a satisfying.

At 27 years old I take the step into the writing world. I become a REAL writer, because I chose to. I am not blindly jumping, I have years of writing experience, years of studying the publishing industry, reading writing blogs, taking classes in both business and writing. I am a newbie, but I won’t always be.

To all out there with a passion: There are some who have hobbies and others who make a living doing what they love. Which do you choose?