Jurassic World


I watched Jurassic World over the weekend and here is my review of it, from a writer’s point of view (and of course from a movie lover’s POV).

Firstly, this movie stayed true to the prior movies in two ways.

One, similar plot line, especially to Jurassic Park, the first movie: People with great ambitions for their park, meddling with nature, and nature literally bites back.

The second thing, it paid tribute to the previous movies, by showing a reminiscent scene of the old “Jurassic Park.” I’m easily moved by movies, and this was spot on for me to pull at the heartstrings.

The technology was cool. I heard the cgi might be too evident. I really didn’t see it. And WOW the improvements from puppets to cgi was excellent. Aside from cgi, the ball rolling contraption was neat. I want one.

From a writer’s perspective, this movie had it all from a predictable plot progression to a little romance, humor, and the ending tied up nicely. Overall, I was very impressed and will add this to my top movies list.

Did you see the movie? What did you think?