Creativity: is it in you?


Lately, my past has been creeping up on me, in the form of pictures, newspaper articles, and other tidbits of memorabilia. It isn’t the “bad” parts of my past, but all the good. I’m reading books in the pictures, writing, being artistic, and just plain being creative. I even won some contests, which is awesome because I haven’t won anything in years.

I’ve been having a quarter-life crisis of wondering who am I? I think these memories of my childhood are telling me something! That I am creative. I’ve always been. And I’ll continue to be. And in this I feel hope. A large piece of my life puzzle is found!

What about you? Do you have creativity as your driving force in life? Or something else you would like to share?


Where Did All The Time Go?


I remember I had a lot of time when I was younger. The hours I spent pinning pictures up on my walls, organizing and typing out every song on my CD’s, writing fantasy stories, or just chatting on the phone for hours with my girl friends.

Today, I look at my three-year-old. He has zero responsibility and no worries aside from playing and eating. He did have to learn everything a kid needs to learn. I’ll give him that.

I used to have time. Not anymore.

Today, my life is packed with responsibility. A mother and housekeeper’s duties, a writer, a member of a writers group, a girlfriend, a friend, a budding business owner, a blogger, a reader, and a worker just trying to meet the bills. No wonder it’s hard to find the time to breathe! Even in the down times, I feel unproductive and lazy. I should be marketing, researching on the Internet, or writing on my WIP, and the list goes on.

My time is filled with everything I have to do and things I love to do. But I do feel overwhelmed by it all, and find myself immobilized by stress. Maybe a perspective shift is in order? Or a better priorities list?

What helps you juggle all the responsibilities of life? How do you manage your time?