To My 4 Year Old on His Birthday


Today my son turns four. How he got so old? I don’t know. Guess it means I’m getting old too. He’s come so far in four years. I remember my sweet baby boy. How handsome he was. Innocent. Perfect. Even with his little flaws, he’s my baby. Holding him for the first time was the most incredible thing I’ve experienced. And first baby I ever held. It just was right. Meant to be. I was a single momma at the time, but I had lots of support from my folks and things were good and safe.

He started growing up. Now he’s in preschool learning to handle life and social interactions. He’s smart. I say that because he can prove it! Teaching him is fun. We read that Dr. Seuss book “Hop on Pop” — the best learning to read book ever! He gets so proud to get the words and read through pages before having to stop to ask for help. Each day he makes more progress. Last time we read, I gave him a high five…He misses my hands and slaps my face. I should’ve got that on camera!

He’s a funny kid. Such a sense of humor. Oh and he repeats so much I say and do. Not always a great thing. He has no concept of personal space. He’s always in my face, climbing on my back, having to follow me around, and is sad to see me go. I love that he loves his momma, but have to teach coping skills too. Overall he’s a great kid and a typical four year old little guy.

Happy Birthday to my boy!

Does anyone out there have advice for a child’s fourth year? What to expect?


On Being a Mother


I’m going to shift gears and have a little more insight to my non-writing life. Can’t always be immersed in plots and character sketches, right?

I have a three year old boy. Actually 3 1/2. He’s proud to say he’s almost 4. Then he will be 5, then 6. He’s my angel baby of course! I adore my son for the most part. And am irritated other times. I pulled him out of daycare a month ago. Now he hangs with us old folks who don’t want to play all the time or have time to do so. Anyhow he’s picked up some habits of late:

Calling names. Telling me he doesn’t love me anymore. (Side note: he just climbed on my back and ran off to get his stuffed animal kitty. Now wanting a piggy back ride. Kids!)

I’m back. He’s got some rude habits going on. And now I have to change these things–to teach him better ways to go about things, to learn to respect others. He needs to be taught how to act, how to treat others, and to be kind. He’s such a blank slate. I’m surprised when he just doesn’t get things, or is so off in what he says.

There is beauty in his innocence. In the way he laughs really loud when the adults make a joke and laugh. He just wants to join in. Or the way he thought he scared me this morning and laughed about it, then wanted to cuddle.

Fortunately, the weather of late has been good and we’ve gone to the park. And we have play dates with other children. He needs those times with kids to be a kid. He’s a smart little guy and mischievous too. So much energy–it must be released! He runs a lot. Sweat mats his hair.

Overall, it’s a tough job to be a parent. A full time job! He’s worth it. Mostly, my little guy is a delight. Just needs help going through his stages. I’m a proud momma.